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Internship Evaluation of a Machine Learning System for Condition Monitoring
Aktualität: 11.06.2024


11.06.2024, Bosch-Gruppe
Internship Evaluation of a Machine Learning System for Condition Monitoring
As our intern, you will have the opportunity to build and test our condition monitoring system for Rexroth linear guides on a machine tool in Schweinfurt. You will be involved in setting up our software on an industrial platform, such as Rexroth ctrlX or Siemens PLC, and connecting sensors to the machine controller and the machine learning model. This will give you valuable hands-on experience of using advanced methods such as machine learning to develop an industrial system. Following this, you will carry out robustness checks in a number of different scenarios to ensure the reliability of the system. Finally, you will play a key role in helping the team to evaluate the anomaly detection results and the overall performance of the system. This internship will allow you to contribute to the development and evaluation of cutting-edge technology, providing you with a unique opportunity to learn and apply advanced methods in an industrial environment. Start: according to prior agreement Duration: 3 - 24 months (if the total duration of the internship exceeds 6 months, confirmation as mandatory internship is required for the entire period according to the study regulations) Visit our landing page for more information about Rexroth linear guide product portfolio: Social counselling and intermediary service for care services Discounts for employees
Internship Evaluation of a Machine Learning System for Condition Monitoring Job ID REF232463K LocationSchweinfurt , Germany Fields of workEngineering Join asInternship Job typeFull-time Start DateAccording to arrangement Apply now Your tasks Your profile Education: technical or scientific studies Experience and Knowledge: experience of control engineering; programming skills with structured language or C++ Personality and Working Practice: an independent and motivated person Work Routine: working in Schweinfurt Enthusiasm: interest in factory automation and condition monitoring Languages: fluent in German (preferred) or English Contact & Additional information This location offers