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Thesis in Power Electrical Engineering 21.06.2024 Bosch-Gruppe Reutlingen
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Thesis in Power Electrical Engineering
Aktualität: 21.06.2024


21.06.2024, Bosch-Gruppe
Thesis in Power Electrical Engineering
Ihre Aufgaben:
During your thesis, you will perform double pulse tests on various power electronic devices including MOSFETs, IGBTs devices to evaluate their switching performance and robustness. You will assist in the design and setup of test circuits and equipment to perform double pulse tests, ensuring accurate and reliable data collection. Furthermore, you will also analyse test data to identify device characteristics such as switching losses, voltage overshoot and current rise times and compare these with theoretical models. Finally, you will work with the engineering team to interpret test results and recommend improvements to device designs or drive techniques to improve performance. Social counselling and intermediary service for care services Discounts for employees
Das bringen Sie mit:
Thesis in Power Electrical Engineering Education: studies in the field of Electrical Engineering, Power Electronics or comparable Experience and Knowledge: theoretical and practical knowledge of power electronics, hands-on experience with laboratory equipment for testing and prototyping power electronic circuits Personality and Working Practice: analytical, self-motivated, result-oriented, careful and conscientious, able to work in a dynamic, fast paced, team- oriented environment Enthusiasm: passion for design and development of Self-Starter Languages: very good in English or in German