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Creative Technologist (all genders) - Metaverse Continuum Business Group 31.05.2022 Accenture Berlin, Hamburg, Kronberg, Munich, Stuttgart
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Creative Technologist (all genders) - Metaverse Continuum Business Group
Berlin, Hamburg, Kronberg, Munich, Stuttgart
Aktualität: 31.05.2022


31.05.2022, Accenture
Berlin, Hamburg, Kronberg, Munich, Stuttgart
Creative Technologist (all genders) - Metaverse Continuum Business Group
You'll work on meaningful and innovative projects that radically change the way our clients view what is possible, while engaging in transformational initiatives powered by the latest Metaverse technologies. You'll have ongoing support in your learning and growth, with Accenture investing in opportunities for you to research, understand, and eventually help define the Metaverse as it continues to evolve and take shape. You'll be joining our diverse team of metaverse-skilled professionals with market-leading capabilities dedicated to designing, executing and accelerating our clients' metaverse journeys. Incubating new business value for our clients in the Metaverse. From Multiparty Systems (Blockchain, Tokenization, NFTs) to Extended Reality (Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality), you'll help clients transform through technology by shaping, leading, and implementing strategic assessments and technology solutions. Advising our clients on all things Metaverse. From identifying key risks and considerations to identifying and measuring the business value, you'll be the trusted advisor for our clients' C-Suite. Serving our clients on their innovation journey. Starting with eliminating the market noise, to concepting, to making it real, you'll formulate the approach and deliver measurable business value. Pioneering the Metaverse by advancing the use of its many building blocks: Multiparty Systems and Blockchain, Extended Reality, Digital Identity, Hardware (AR/VR Goggles and Lenses), Software (Gaming Platforms & Virtual Worlds), etc. Scanning the Metaverse ecosystem to identify and build relationships with differentiating partners and/or solutions to bring to our clients. Fortifying Accenture's Metaverse practice and market position by creating content and taking part in professional forums, both internal and external.
Minimum 5 years' of experience in a relevant discipline including UX design in immersive experiences, content creation across 2D and 3D workflows, XR, etc. Minimum of 3 years' experience with XR programming frameworks such as Unity, Unreal, WebGL and other related software and platforms Minimum 2 years' experience with project management Narrative scripting in media and/or interactive content Entrepreneurial mindset Understanding of Extended Reality (AR/VR) technologies Familiarity with multiparty systems (Blockchain, Tokenization, NFTs) technologies Strong presentation and facilitation skills Published work in a relevant arena, which could include a shipped game, an opened location-based entertainment offering, a launched digital or physical interactive experience, etc. Experience in interactive content creation (videogames, immersive media, narrative design, location-based entertainment) A combination of design and programming skills that lets you drive a project from zero to a successful proof of concept Experience working on and leading diversely skilled teams, and navigating the translation needed in-between disciplines and organizations Product Ownership orientation. A deep understanding of what drives a product forward and how to avoid distractions